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Cooperations & projects

STAEDTLER® supports the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Nelson Mandela und STAEDTLER Geschäftsführer Axel Marx

STAEDTLER supports the Nelson Mandela Foundation and sponsors the publication of a comic dealing with the life and work of Mandela.
To round off this cooperation between STAEDTLER and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, STAEDTLER's managing director Axel Marx and Nelson Mandela met in South Africa.

The goal of the comics is to convey the basic underlying principles of a free society and a sense for one’s own history. More than one million copies of the comic were distributed free of charge in South Africa – 500,000 in schools, 500,000 as newspaper inserts and 1,000 copies to mine workers.

Mr. Mandela's biography is divided into nine chapters, with each episode to be published as a 28-page comic. The 5th episode of the Mandela Legacy comic series entitled Prisoner 466/64 is sponsored by STAEDTLER.

The comic describes the period from 1964 to 1982 during which Mr. Mandela was incarcerated on Robben Island.

The Madiba Legacy Series is aimed at reaching South Africa's youth audience. It traces the lives of Mr. Mandela, his family and close comrades in the context of South African struggles against colonialism, segregation, apartheid and global marginalization.

The comic book initiative is part of the Foundation's overarching aim to promote
Mr. Mandela's values.
Easier to read than conventional books, the comics are aimed at those beyond reach of other kinds of written media because of poverty, illiteracy, geographic isolation, technological barriers and underdeveloped reading cultures.